Stay Fresh. Always.

Your access to unlimited teeth cleaning, stain removal and whitening service. Why limit yourself?

Why Always Fresh?

Look Good

Confidence is key

Smile wider, brighter and more often when you know you have clean teeth.

Feel Good

Clean body, clean mind

Operate at your highest level when you prioritise and optimise your health.

Be Limitless

Why only twice a year?

You wouldn’t limit how many times you cut your hair, do your nails, get a massage. Why limit how many times you get your teeth cleaned a year?

Keep your teeth fresh.


What is included:

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy!

Unlimited teeth cleaning, plaque and tartar removal with the latest ultrasonic technology and professional polishing.

3D SCAN included.


Everything in basic Plus:

Great for those special occasions or just to look great all the time!

Unlimited Professional stain removal for stubborn stains including coffee, tea, red wine, etc.  

3D SCAN included.


Everything in extra plus:

Give your teeth that extra sparkle to really stand out!

Everything plus Custom home whitening kit with unlimited whitening solution.**

3D SCAN included.

*Must be over 18 in age to join.

**Max 2 syringes per visit

something to smile about


(before private health fund rebates)


Your membership could be free

With our referral and social media rewards systems, you could score yourself a free membership!

Single Trial Visit

Come try the extra package

Single visit cleaning with plaque and tartar removal, polishing and professional extra stain removal.

3D SCAN included

one time - $249
6 monthly membership
Annual membership

Save more by joining for 12 months

Basic – $689

(save $49)

Extra – $989

(save $109)

Sparkle – $1399

(save $199)

Memberships automatically renew at the end of the chosen cycle.

Please contact us directly if you would like to upgrade your existing membership.

If you decide to cancel, your membership will still remain valid until the end of the billing cycle.

Sparkle membership is for 18 and over only. If you are under 18 and would like to join the Basic or Extra membership, please have your parent/guardian contact us directly at


Always Fresh

Just a few reasons to join


time for a change

Why wait, join today!


find us here:

More Locations coming soon

Our goal is to let as many people live their best lives. We are working tirelessly to come to a location near you as soon as possible.

Stay informed:

Newstead Dental Co

Level 2 / 5 Kyabra Street, Newstead, Brisbane 4006

Frequently Asked Questions

You can checkout directly from the website and you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to make your first appointment.

We believe that your dental health and wellbeing shouldn’t be limited. Our goal is to give freedom to the people. Have clean teeth when you want, as often as you want.

Once you have joined, you will receive an email link with instructions on how to book your appointment via our online portal.

We are here to help everyone look and feel their best! You do not need private health insurance to join Always Fresh.

Yes, you can! Payment for the membership is required first. You will receive your invoices separately to claim with your private health insurance.

We create a custom tray for your teeth from your 3D scan for you to take home along with whitening solution. Whitening solution is then placed into the custom tray to whiten your teeth. We advise 15-30 minutes per day for one week. More whitening solution can be picked up each visit as required to top up (max 2 syringes per visit). Available with Sparkle plan only.

This is perfect for you to keep your teeth clean and healthy during your orthodontic treatment!

We work together with your periodontist (gum specialist) to keep your teeth clean and healthy!

You can upgrade your membership any time. The difference will be charged between the plans and you will be on the upgraded plan for the remainder of your membership. 

Example: You are currently 3 months into a 12 month Basic membership. You upgrade to the Extra membership. The difference of $80 is payable and you will enjoy the benefits of the Extra membership for the remaining 9 months.

Yes, you can change your membership from 6 monthly to 12 monthly any time.

Example: You are on the Extra 6 monthly plan starting in January 2024. You pay the difference of $330 to switch to 12 monthly. You are now a member until January 2025.

You must be age 18 or above to be eligible for Sparkle membership. Please have your parent/guardian reach out to us via email if you are under 18 regarding Basic and Extra memberships.

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